Fear of Mom Shame

Photo by Josh Willink on Pexels.com

NO mom is perfect. NO child is raised perfectly.  Many moms are afraid to share stories or ask advice because the fear of being attacked by mom shammers.

Mom shaming is the judging and bullying of other moms for their parenting choices that they make for their child. Mom’s judge other moms over pretty much anything. Most moms who mom shame believe that they are doing what is best the child by telling the mom that what she is doing is wrong. Whether it is on what the child is eating/ drinking, wearing, or doing moms who mom shame will judge moms on. If a child isn’t raised to the way a mom is doing it with her child she will shame you.

I am a young mom. I became pregnant with my son at 23, had my son at 24. I have been mom shamed on social media because how young I am. The mom shammer believed I would be a bad mom because I didn’t have any “life experience” so I wouldn’t know how to raise my child. She tried to give me advice on how to raise me child since as she seen it “I didn’t know what I was doing”. Because I was mom shamed even before having my son I became afraid to share my journey with him and asked for advice from people knowing I would hear the “I told you so” comments.

I have also been a mom shammer when I thought a child was turned around so soon in against the APA guidelines. I felt bad messaging the mom the guidelines and laws, but I believed I was helping her do what was best for her child. She said thank you, but did not turn her child back around.

Whether you feed your child out of a box or organically, stay at home mom or working mom, feed your kids cow milk or not, spank your child or not, co sleep or not, use the cry it out method or hold your child all the time. You are a good mother and DO NOT be afraid to share your parenting journey. Just tell those mom shammers thank you for your opinion, then keep doing what is best for your child. Every child is different, everyone’s parenting style is different.

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  1. Amen! My current peeve is being harassed in public over screen time. I am not sorry I’d like to spare your eardrums for five minutes while I eat in peace and the toddler watches Sparkabilities. I’m like… Mind your own business, maybe watch some Sparkabilities yourself. Hahaha.


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