Raising our Children Differently Than Our Parents

Photo by Agung Pandit Wiguna on Pexels.com

Technology is always growing. With technology growing so is the ability to reach knowledge sooner.  Being able to look up things with parenting instead of having to asking our parents for everything or calling the doctor over every little scratch.

Our parents didn’t have access to the internet as easily as today parents. Because they didn’t have access so easily they didn’t have the pressure of social media to help shape their parenting. Social media helps connect friends and family together on a platform that people can share their lives. When we share our lives we want people to believe that we have it all together, that we are raising our children with the best healthy foods, the newest fashions, and having them doing so many activities as possible.

As technology grows the way to use it as also changed. Parents are turning to apps to help educate their children with new fun games. The use of tablets and phones have become a source of entertainment for to kids, even becoming a babysitter for parents.

The major changes that are different with parenting in modern times is the laws and safety regulations. One of the new laws is how soon to turn your child around in the car. It used to be after the child reaches a year, now its two to four years of age. Parents use to spank kids with no worry now if you spank your child you run the risk of losing your child with children protective services. American pediatrics academy is always doing research to make sure our children safe and releasing a set of guidelines. Such guidelines include when to introduce food to a baby now at 6 months instead of at 4 months.

Stories of children being taken from yards, walking home, or at stores have caused parents to keep their children’s inside more. Parents are more afraid than ever to let their children out of site. This has parents to be more involved with their children when outside so that children can stay in their site safely, but still have fun.

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