Mom experience Guilt

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Many people have different experiences when on the journey to having and raising children. Sharing and updating everyone about your family on social media has become a normal for people to do. When people see how your family is doing they also look forward to the next post on how your journey is go. However not everyone is happy when they see updates on peoples families or journeys, whether because they can’t have children, or they can’t breastfeed, or even they want a Boy/Girl so badly that they become jealous. Being concern for other people’s feelings has caused people be afraid of posting their journeys.

Whether it’s struggling to conceive, miscarriages, or not being able to have children. Not being able to have the joy of getting that positive can hurt many people and cause a strain on them. Seeing friends post their exciting news of having a baby can make you recent your friend. I know from experience when I had a miscarriage in 2017 that I did not want to see other people posting and sharing stories of their babies. I unfollowed close friends and even asked family members not to send me pictures of nieces and nephews so that I can heal. I did not fully heal until I got a big fat positive test that got past the first trimester. Knowing how it feels to have a miscarriage, I did not post many pictures from when I was pregnant because I did not want to hurt people who were going through the same thing as I did.

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Breastfeeding is something many moms want to do when they first have a child, to be able to share the strong bond and know that you are producing food for your child. However many women’s milk does not come in, not enough milk to feed the baby, or they dry up before they are ready to quiet. This causes them to go to formula, something they didn’t want to do. Fed is best, but when you get invested in a way you want to do something, that when you are unable to do it you get hurt. I have been breastfeeding my now 8 and half month old son exclusively. I have not shared many things about my breastfeeding journey because I know several people who were unable to, I even lost a friend of almost 18 years because I am able to breastfeed.

I wish I didn’t feel guilty about my experiences whether it’s being able to have a baby or my breastfeeding journey. I am proud of what I have accomplished and would love to brag about it, but I don’t want to cause other people to have hurt feelings. I have learned a balance to what I share about my son, when I post I try think about how other will feel about this post. I know many people will be so happy to see updates, which is what drives me to share about my son.  I know I won’t get over the guilt after having first hand experiences from the other side, but I cannot let that make me afraid to move forward and share my life.

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