Being a Type A Mom

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A person who is a Type A personality is considered to have excessive ambition, aggression, competitiveness, drive, impatience, need for control, unrealistic sense of urgency, cares about what others think of them, perfectionist and overachievers. I have always been a Type A person, to the point when things are not planned out I get anxiety and stressed out. I have been called controlling throughout my life, causing the end of several relationships and friendships. Being a Type A person I am very detail oriented with list and calendars for everything.

When I first found out I was pregnant one of the first things I did was set up list on everything we need to prepare and weekly calendar alerts for updates. I am a person who needs to know when, where, and how for events. Towards the end of my pregnancy I had so much anxiety and stress because I did not know when my son was coming. People kept telling me to calm down you are on the baby’s time, it was hard for me to not get stressed out because of the unknown and how I couldn’t plan things around his birth because it could have happened at any time.

I had people tell me once you have kids you will never be on time for anything again. Being late to things has always given me anxiety, I am the type of person that will be thirty minutes early for everything. If I know I need to go somewhere I start preparing once I get up, this includes getting my son ready early with even time for possible problems such as tantrums and blow outs.

I often find myself comparing my son’s development to other babies his age or close to his age to see how he is comparing and adjusting to milestones. Type A people are very competitive and perfectionist. I feel like I fail at times when my son is a little behind on some milestones, then I get proud when he is ahead. I know every child develops at different rates, but that doesn’t keep the competitiveness away its human nature after all.    

Every decision with my son I make, from what he wears to what he eats. I know once he gets more independent as he gets older. I also know it will be a slow process of giving up control, since I pick out his clothes in stores for him to wear and get the food for him to eat.

Patience is a virtue, a virtue that I do not know. As a Type A mom patience is something I need to learn. I am person who likes to get task done and not waste time by putting it off. However having a baby with me all the time makes it hard to get some task done as quickly as I wish, even writing this article took several hours.

Being a Type A person is not something I can’t stop being it is a part of who I am. A mom is a major part of who I am. I have become a Type A mom, it has its struggles and causes unnecessary stress and anxiety. However being a Type A mom makes me always early or on time and teaches me patience.

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