I Was ______ and Turned Out Fine

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Whenever a person feels offended by a parent’s choice to do something or not do something, they always say “well I was _____ and turned out fine” or “I did _____ with my children and they turned out fine”. They believe that whatever they did was/is the best way for a child to be raised.

I absolutely hate when people say this to me. They are questioning my parenting choices, thinking I am doing something wrong. Saying “well I was _____ and turned out fine” or “I did _____ with my children and they turned out fine” makes me judged and that I am failing as a mother. However I know I am a good mother and I make the best decision for my son.

There is not an exact way to raise a child, every parent is going to raise their child in their own way. If we all raised them the same than everyone will think and act the same way. It is alright for parent’s to do something different than what their parents did before them, than their friends and family.

Times are changing just because something worked for one child or family doesn’t mean it work for someone else.  New technology and safety guidelines are changing the way parents are making decisions for children. The new safety guidelines, recalls, and new technology are made to help parents make smart and safe choices for our children, they wouldn’t be made if there wasn’t a reason for them to be made. Such guidelines as no cow’s milk until closer to one or the no solid food for newborn, are given that most people follow. However, some people give food early to a baby before the 4 to 6 months guideline and their baby turned out fine. While other babies got busted gut from having food to early.

I am a firm believer in doing research before I make any major parenting decision. I made the decision to not want to use a bumbo seat for my son after doing research on them. The bumbo seat does not allow a child to sit naturally in the chair, and has the childs is wedged deep in the seat with his legs higher than the pelvis. Instead of the bumbo chair I used a boppy pillow to help my son learn to sit. Whenever I mention this to people I always got the “My family used the bumbo chair and they are all fine”.  This is your child and your decision to use, however it is my decision to not do so.

The “well I was _____ and turned out fine” or “I did _____ with my children and they turned out fine” line is always going to be used because people thing they know better than you do, for what is best for a child. However, new technology and safety guidelines are changing things. No child is the same so, no child will be raise the same.

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